Why you need us

Specialised blades and scissors need regular care and maintenance. There are several sharpening tools available which range from a simple sharpening stone to complex sharpening machines.

We specialise in the sharpening of high quality clipper blades and scissors used in the hairdressing, pet grooming, beauty and surgical industries.

We also cater for specialised tools and shears in the fabric and dressmaking industry, such as pinking shears and embroidery shears. More and more shears are Japanese style Hamiguri which are convex edged. We specialise in creating the exact same edge when sharpening. Read more here

We also specialise in the sharpening of hunting, pocket and chefs knives.

Precision sharpening

We are a precision sharpening service. We sharpen, set and balance your shears and blades according to factory settings. We only use the finest honing powder imported from the USA, utilizing the correct grit for the various tools.


We also utilize the water technique, including the application of the Hamiguri Edge.

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